System Builds

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The power of systems will transform your online coaching business and get you to a new level of success.


My online infrastructure has now expanded now fully set up. Magda has an extensive range of skills that cover not only tech set-up but also creative design. Magda has massively helped me to bring a better flow, structure and organisation into my business which has resulted in me being more productive and focused.


What if you could say 'goodbye' to time-consuming manual tasks and 'hello' to streamlined operations and unparalleled customer experiences?

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Elevate your business with systems that maximize efficiency, boost productivity, and free up your time to focus on what you do best – coaching and inspiring your clients. Don’t settle for mediocrity, ignite your business’s potential with a powerful online business system today


We Build

For almost 4 years now, I’ve been using different tools and systems to support clients’ businesses.

The main categories of systems we are working with are:

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FOR a streamlined solution

Tech Strategy Session

How to stand out from the crowd and rock your customer journey?

Automating your business and using a tech right for you saves you TIME, MONEY and gives you FREEDOM. Having this process in place will improve your customer journey.

This session is perfect to cover those nagging questions that have slowed down your business growth.

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