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Reduce Tech Overwhelm by working with a Tech-Savvy VA

How Tech-Savvy VA can help you connect all the dots in your online business and make it thrive?


Here are 3 main benefits to having Tech-Savvy VA help you with your tech overwhelm

  1. You will reduce your tech overwhelm by having someone else do the work
  2. Focus on income-generating tasks and growth strategy
  3. Have more time and increased flexibility


Connecting all the dots together

Many people ask me: “Would you be able to sort it all? I really don’t know how to get my head around it.”

Yes! I can tie every element of your online business to each other and make it run smoothly. I help you tackle website management problems, connect it with email marketing platform of your choice, set up landing pages using the technology that is best for your needs. I’ve done it successfully with many of my clients and they have fully functioning lead/sales funnels in place and are ready to grow their business and take it to the next level.

I’m up to date with the latest solutions and I always make a suggestion based on your business circumstances. As I am based in UK, I’ll make sure the content for lead capture form is also optimised for GDPR compliance.

You can forget about pulling your hair and finally stop frustration to figure it out on your own.


Next step is…

I will assess your current situation and create a plan of action with suggestions of what should be done and what tools shall we use next. I help you tackle the most crucial tech struggle right now. It can be done either as a one-off project or on an ongoing basis.

You CAN spend this time on income-generating activities or other priorities. More time, leads and sales!


If you have more questions about this – feel free to contact me for a short, informal chat to discuss how I can help you free up more time and tackle these tech obstacles along the way.



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