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3. Email Marketing Campaign

MPawlik Virtual Assistant Case Study #3




NLP & Wellness Coach working with victims of domestic abuse and recovering from trauma.


The problem:

The client was preparing the launch of her challenge but didn’t know how to connect all the processes from the backend. Integration between email marketing platform and her website has to be set up and path for customers clearly defined and easy to follow.


My solutions:

I have created a banner on her website leading to signup form to collect customers data. I tied it up to signup list on her marketing platform and created a sequence of emails customers will receive after signing up. Everything leads to one goal – direct them to the Facebook group where the challenge will be happening.



“I’ve just finished working with Magda & WOW she really knows her stuff. She improved my website and set up my first Mailchimp campaign and explained in detail how it all works. It’s been an absolute pleasure and I will be coming to work with her again. Highly recommend.”