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2. Social Media Management

MPawlik Virtual Assistant Case Study #2




Mindset & Business Coach making her clients stop finding excuses and finally start making it happen.

The problem:

The client was growing her social media presence and wit the new launch of her website was building engagement on her Facebook business page. She needed help in scheduling a month worth of posts into the platform and optimise it according to the visitor’s activity on her page.

My solutions:

After receiving content, I was able to schedule 4 weeks of posts within an hour. I have also looked at Insights on her page and scheduled posts for times that her page gets more visitors. It will increase engagement and the odds that her activities on the page get seen more. I’m all for making it work best for client’s needs.


“Magda has done a great job for me with my social media posts. I’ve always just winged it and posted as and when I was ready. Working with Magda meant I prepared a few weeks ahead, and the relief of seeing several weeks content set up and scheduled is amazing. She also looked at my page analytics, ensuring that my posts can go out at times that will work for my audience. She’s professional, communicative and efficient. Can’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you Magda!”