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Want to grow your business but struggling with tech? Does it take all your time and energy?

Hi, I'm Magdalena Pawlik, your tech Virtual Assistant. I empower Wellpreneurs to achieve their business goals and do less by being their support squad and reducing overwhelm.

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Great to meet you!

Firstly, I want to congratulate you on having a successful wellness business and changing people's lives in your community.

To me, having a noble purpose is extremely important in the work I do. I want to be part of your team and support you in making these changes happen for your clients.

I promise to treat your business as if it was my own.

Is this how you feel?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed and anxious because of all that needs to be done?
  • Is time running through your fingers and you struggle to prioritise?
  • Is your work/life balance suffering as you work longer hours just to stay on top of things? Is burnout creeping up?
  • Are you frustrated that you just can’t do everything by yourself any more?
  • Do you know you need help but just don’t know where to start?
  • Are you struggling for quality family time because your mind just can’t switch off?

Then I can help

importance of hiring a va

Why delegation is the key to your problems?

I know very well that being solopreneur can be overwhelming. We wear many hats and are juggling all aspects of the business ourselves. But there comes a time when being a one-person band is no longer a sustainable solution. You become overwhelmed, stressed and your wellbeing and focus will be affected in bad way. Investing in your VA will improve your flexibility which will create the real value for you and your business. And that equals to more clients, more opportunities, more money and better relationships.

Benefits of working with me

Focus on growth

You will be able to focus on growing your practice and helping more clients.

More time

You will have this time back to work on your business, not in business.

Team work

You’re not alone anymore – as part of your team, you can bounce off any ideas with me.

Better work-life balance

You will have better work-life balance because you will know that things are being taken care of. This translates to having more energy and happiness.

No procrastination

There’s no procrastination for you anymore. Your productivity will be improved, and oh glorious peace of mind. Here it comes!

how i can help you

increased conversion rate

Why using a landing page is so hot right now?

Landing page, just like a lead magnet is used more and more often. And rightfully so. A landing page is great because it allows you to promote just one thing and you can be very specific about it. Promoting one thing to your ideal client increase the conversion rate of your offer. It's even more successful in converting your customers than your website. Read on how I approached my recent project - creating a landing page for a Wellness Coach.

Magda has quickly become an integral part of my business and is very much a second pair of eyes and a trusted colleague. Highly professional and accurate, technically amazing with IT and various software integrations (it would take me a week or more to do what she does), she is a valued member of my team. Highly recommended.

Wendy Goldthorp, Personal Trainer - The FIT Movement

Over the past 3 years, I’ve worked with several VAs and Magda is simply the best! Magda is very easy to work with, and her knowledge in all things FB, email marketing, WordPress etc. is impressive. Her response time is very fast; and I know I’m always in good hands if something should suddenly go wrong. I can highly recommend Magda.

Nicki Kelly, Vegan Wellness Coach

Magda was absolutely brilliant to work with. I sent her some blog titles that I was considering, and I couldn’t believe the research she did on them. Now not only do I have the research for the blog ideas I had but I could definitely pull a few more from the research that Magda provided. I’m thrilled with my results!

Katherine O Loughlin, Nutritionist

Having Magdalena quickly and efficiently organise tasks for me was such a help at an exceptionally busy time. Knowing my social media was ticking over and she was able to do some research tasks for me I’d have never got round to doing myself was an incredible support. Would highly recommend!

Vicki Shilling, Wellness Business Coach

Magda has done a great job for me with my social media posts. I felt such a relief seeing several weeks content set up and scheduled – it’s amazing. She also looked at my page analytics, ensuring that my posts can go out at times that will work for my audience. She’s professional, communicative and efficient. Can’t recommend her highly enough.

Jacqui Jagger, Mindset & Business Coach

I’ve just finished working with Magda & WOW she really knows her stuff. She improved my website, set up my first MailChimp campaign and explained in detail how it all works. Magda has been an absolute pleasure to work with and I will be coming back to work with her again. Highly recommend.

Kaylea Dowling, MindHive Coaching

Maggie was a great help to the creation of my newsletter! Communication with her was timely and effective, that makes the process so efficient for my biz! I was able to publish the newsletter in less than a day!!

Peggie Zih, Zenses for Health

Magdalena has been brilliant. She helped me build a landing page which was something I needed to do but has not had the time or technical know-how to do it myself. She is extremely good at what she does: very helpful, punctual and most importantly reliable. I am extremely happy with her work and would highly recommend her.

Timo Topp, Wellness Coach

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